First impressions are not only important, they often last the longest.

There is no doubt that among people suffering from poor self-image, dental concerns rank among the highest reasons why. Smiling, is the most natural of human expressions. However, when it’s inhibited , it lacks genuine expression and can lead others to misinterpret your emotions . If teeth are discolored, missing, or misaligned, it may be a huge life disadvantage.
It really doesn’t matter if it is a serious defect or a slight imperfection – if a person is self-conscious about their smile, it can take an emotional toll and adversely affect interactions with others.

The greatest effect, of course, is within the person. Far from being “just in your mind,” an inhibited smile may also affect others’ perceptions of you.
Self-expression is one of the basic freedoms that Canadians enjoy. This begins with our ability to engage with others through smiling, laughing and a host of facial expressions. However, the inhibited feelings associated with an unattractive smile have a ripple effect:

We are not all born with a beautiful smile. Yet, we are all born with the ability to smile. If you are not projecting radiant health, contentment and cheerfulness through your smile, perhaps you should consider an enhancement, if not a makeover.

Do You Need a Smile Makeover?

Use the following self-test to see whether you can benefit and improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry.

If you answer yes to any or many of these questions, perhaps a smile makeover is something to discuss with your dentist . Many options exist , such as orthodontics, whitening of teeth , crowns and veneers , laser treatments to improve a gummy smile or fix an asymmetry in the gum line . Each case is different and should be uniquely addressed. It really depends on what you want your smile to eventually look like . For some closing a front gap is very important, for others that same front gap is their signature look and they like that uniqueness, however they may want whiter teeth . It’s all how you define your end goal to your dentist.

Feel free to talk to me about questions you might have . My absolute favorite thing in dentistry is seeing someone’s true personality shine after they get the dental confidence of a new smile . It makes up for all the times people say they hate dentists . Because when you love us from time to time it evens that out ❤❤❤️.